Tuesday 16nd January 2018

8 new articles have been written:



Monday 15th January 2018

The webstite will see a new format. In 2004 the internet was rather slow for many people and I chose for a static website with handwritten html. That worked rather well but was time consuming to maintain and over time I lost interest doing that.

The new format is basically a dynamic website on joomla! running on my home development server which is then transformed into a static website and added to the existing webserver. Let see how that goes.



Wednesday 10 January 2018

I am back! and full of plans.


I have not really done anything on this website for years which is a shame. however, It has been up and running since 2004 and has seen 1,321,470 visitors (according to statcounter). A lot has happened in the meantime, mainly "Work" and "real life" which unfortunatedly trumps a webpage like this one.   

Re-reading the old pages, I must admit most of them are now a bit out dated and I do not want to invest the time to redo or update them. So I will leave them as they are and I will link them at the bottow of the pages. 

The website is going to be revamped and redone with a new format and new articles. Very exciting



Monday 19 March 2013

Added the disqus comment engine, to allow readers to add relevant comments to each page
For the moment I got it located on the sideline, let's see how it packs out with spam.


Monday 11 March 2013

Revamped the website. Updated the design. It's now very retro and bear minimum,
but its usability seems much better. Removed a bit of the useless fluff.


Monday 23 october 2006

Removed the forum from the web site.
It has been hacked so many times, that it is just not worth the efford to have one.


Saterday 27 May 2006

New article added - Bird flu predicted.
Did Nostradamus predict the recent outbreak of the bird flu?


Friday 26 May 2006

Added a forum to the web site.
Allowing readers to discuss and leave their opinions


Tuesday 31 May 2005

Changed the website from HTML to XHTML.
Changed the design and the technology. The site is now built using XSLT, XML, CSS, javascript and PHP.
Design and contents are now in separate template and content files in XML.


Sunday 22 May 2005
Updated the article: Time Travel and changing the past.
Why would we ever want to change the past?



Sunday 15 May 2005

Updated the article about: Technology needs wisdom and reposibility.
Why our wisdom, ethics, morals and common sense need to mature to deal with future technology..


Tuesday 24 January 2005

New article added - The 'Oops Syndrome'.
Could Time travel mistakes be responsible for the creation of the prophecies of Nostradamus?


Friday 21 January 2005
New article added - Religion and Time Travel Topics.
Topics and thoughts when relating religion and Time Travel.

Wednesday 19 January 2005
New article added - Religion and Time Travel.
Relating religion and Time Travel


Saturday 15 January 2005
New article added - Human Nature and Time Travel.
Using time travel to change human nature


Monday 10 January 2005

Updated the comments pages containing feedback from readers:

Interpreting 1, Interpreting 2,
Spirit Language, Allah,
Fatima Child 


Tuesday 04 January 2005

New article added - Angels as Time Travelers.
Could angels be the time travelers from the future we look for?


Thursday 30 December 2004

New article added - General Characteristics
of Time Travel Experiments

About what unique marks time travel would leave behind.


Wednesday 29 December 2004

New article added - Theory depending Characteristics
of Time Travel Experiments

Each theory would leave its unique footprint in history.






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