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If we continue to follow the same behavior pattern, with the powerful emerging technologies that we followed with past technology, then all life could be in danger of extinction.

Technology needs wisdom and responsibility

As science and technology advances, responsibility, wisdom and moral ethics should advance in par. However history teaches us, that this is not how things work in our world and societies. As soon as there is a breakthrough in science it will be immediately evaluated for it's economic, military and political value. Often, benefits for humanity, impact on the world and its ecology will fall by the wayside and only in a much later stage, some protection and or regulation might be seen.

One of the main drives of development of the human race is its inquisitive nature. Humanity want answers on all fundamental questions about life and the universe. It will continue to explore the unknown until all secrets have been unveiled. Further to that, we as humans will use all our knowledge, achievements and resources to build machines to further advance our existence, luxury, well-being, and health. However, the danger of powerful technology, with simple user interfaces, is that it can easily lead to misuse and abuse.

Mobile phone cameras can enhance communication by allowing people to take and send photos of themselves, other people or their surroundings. In general this is fun, harmless and can also be useful. However, since the cameras are super small and part of mobile telephones it can easily lead to invasion of privacy. You can post photos on the internet of people that have not given their permission, which would be an invasion of their privacy.

Invasion of privacy might turn out to be one of the lesser pains of emerging technology. Failing to restrict the use (or even the testing) of powerfull new technology can lead to grave violation of ethical and moral boundaries and might possibly have grave consequences. Especially when we are talking about advanced technology like genetic engineering, nanotechnology, nuclear energy, robotics and time travel. Misuse of any of these technologies could lead to our own Apocalypse.

Human behavior has essentially not changed throughout the centuries. However, this destructive nature has never been a real threat against the fabric of life and the balance of nature. The main reason for not causing the Apocalypse or Armageddon, was that we simply did not have the 'right tools' to cause such Apocalyptic, "end-times" event. Even the weapons of mass destruction used during the second world war were not powerful enough to cause unreparable structural damage. These weapons had not the destructive power needed to damage the earth, the human race, or to affect the natural balance of life in general. However, science and technology are now slowly moving into an era that enables individuals to do things that can lead to unimaginable, irrevocable consequences.

Time travel could become the ultimate destructive weapon known to man, introducing unpredictable catastrophic events and their consequences into history

The development of advanced science and technology gradually diminishes the importance of natural physical bounderies. This natural limitation is natures way of keeping all things in balance. Future technology however is promising to be capable to remove or compensate any existing natural obstruction. This could lead to a future world were human actions or achievement might be entirely controlled by ego, drive to achieve and desires to do so. Restraint may only be found in common sense, ethics, moral wisdom, self-control, self-discipline, society and enforced regulations.

No matter how strong, cruel or successful a king, dictator, emperor or conqueror has been during his lifetime, his fate was death. -- No one lives forever --. And when a ruler passes on, the wind of change lessens the impact of his actions. It has been natures way of keeping order and balance. Through the ages royalty always tried to procure and extent their power, influence and property by arranging marriages within their own family. Nature however punishes incest. It leads to weak offspring with poor health and below average mental capabilities and intelligence.

Imagine the consequences if incest would have resulted in stronger offspring, then by now the world would probably be the private property of one royal family only. And following that same line of thinking, imagine how the world would look like, if artificial insemination and cloning would have been known to the upper class a 1000 years ago.

Soon science will find a way to stop aging and allow people to live much longer. This is likely to cause the rise of an elite that manages to stay in power and dominate lesser mortals for generations.

It is very important that we start maturing our common sense, conscience, ethics and moral wisdom. Very soon it will be our only 'tool of control'. Ones we develop weapons of mass destruction that can be used to defeat our enemies without cost or consequences to our selves, there would be nothing else to refrain us from using these weapons, than our own restraint. Imagine a technology that can create, anywhere in the world, artificial natural disasters like tsunamis, earthquakes and monsoons with undetectable causes, it would make for the ultimate pre-emptive strike. Hitting our enemies at home, when they are not prepared, holding entire countries in a dangling ('third world') position, always needing help and support from the rich, civilized, technologically advanced and developed countries, without knowing what actually caused their 'bad fortune'. Such weapons would make the ultimate arsenal for unscrupulous Antichrist runners-up.

Nostradamus the prophet, Prophecy

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The only limitation for future man shall be his own ego, his drive to achieve and his desire to do so.

Limitations may only be found in comon sense, conscience, ethics, moral wisdom, society and regulations.

Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy
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