The “Santa Claus” narrative is an excellent example of a situation where the “reality” is an illusion. It is a storyline meticulously created and maintained by unseen special interests designed to manipulate the opinion of the target group. It is this same type of strategy that keeps humanity away from the larger picture in which we are not alone.

There is a truth embargo directed against anything UFO since at least the sixties. I wanted to come up with an example to illustrate how the truth embargo works. The below mind game compares it with the Santa Clause narrative, a similar situation of something we are all familiar with. I will use the similarities between the two events to clarify and illustrate the concepts of what we are dealing with. This method should not be confused as some form of out of the box thinking, as it is not. It is more a way of applying what we have learned from being in one box to another box. It helps to recognise the similarities. It will not explain characteristics that are not shared between the two. The idea here is to explain the essence of something new by comparing it to something old that is similar in some ways. I will describe step by step the ideas behind this thinking process.

We boldly uphold for our children that Santa Claus is an old man in a red suit who visits all children the same night, travels through the air in a sled pulled by reindeers and the big guy slides down through even the tiniest chimneys leaving presents. This lie is meticulously manufactured and maintained by parents, retail, corporate media, advertisements, schools, unrelated adults and everyone who deals with children. Children unaware of the truth are also part of the enforcing mechanism helping to maintain this illusion with their peers. Unrelated people work together to maintain the false narrative and it has become an integral part of our culture and our belief system. 

In the case of the Santa Claus hoax the target group consist of uninitiated children. The narrative is a “Truman show” alike alternative reality that is erected and exists all around them. There are many people involved in maintaining the Santa Claus deception and the hoax is far more elaborate than children could ever imagine. Part of the difficulty to look through this deception is that the same people that children trust and rely on to understand the world around them are the ones that maintain the lie. The essence is that we are dealing with elaborate, deliberate lies and half-truths as part of a hidden agenda, which is not shared with the target group. The Santa Claus narrative is a good example to understand how people can be fooled, no matter how extreme the illusion may be. If enough people work together to convince the target audience of the illusion than it becomes very difficult to see the truth and understand the mecanism behind it.

As long as the flow of information can be controlled the truth will not be revealed. You cannot understand the truth while maintaining the idea that Santa Claus really exists. You need to go completely to the other side as it is in the reality of the commercial agenda where the truth gets deliberately transformed, mutilated, and obscured. Ones you have discovered the real situation, only then can go back stepwise and discover the details on how the illusion has been created. 



Santa Claus hoax
                                                                                                   Santa Claus hoax



Applying the above ideas to the UFO phenomenon we can now start to shed light on how we are being fooled in believing the status quo consensus of being alone. Without focusing on the motivation, which is obviously different, both Santa Claus and the UFO phenomenon have lots in common. Lies, truth embargos, hidden agendas and debunkers characterize both and there is no truth in the fake narrative. The same way that a child cannot discover the truth behind the Santa Claus deception by just examining the facts while still believing that Santa really exists, we cannot get to the truth regarding the UFO phenomenon while maintaining that we are alone in the universe. We can only understand the truth by going completely overboard and embrace the other side and go back from there.

On the one extreme end is the illusion; the false narrative while on the other end is the truth. Regarding the UFO phenomenon we don´t know what that truth might be, therefore we will take the nemesis of the status quo, the extreme opposite of the forced narrative of being alone on earth. On the one extreme is the official status quo that humanity is unique and alone in the universe and the most advanced species on earth and not engaged by any extraterrestrials. On the other extreme far end of the spectrum is the science fiction idea, that there are highly advanced older civilizations out there operating on Earth for thousands of years flying spaceships we call UFO’s. Humanity has been engaged and possibly conquered by these extraterrestrials from the inside out and all our world leaders; corporate media, banking elite and deep state are cooperating with these extraterrestrials following a secret agenda with a plan for humanity. It is a great nemesis for the false illusion: the status quo that we are the dominant species on earth and the only intelligent beings in the galaxy.


The alien presence
                                                                                                  The alien presence



As long as the information flow is controlled the target group cannot discover the truth. Similar to the Santa Claus hoax, we are the children blissfully unaware of the real story while unrelated people and extraterrestrials work together to maintain the status quo consensus. The illusion that we are alone is enforced upon humanity. It is time that we start to grow up and look through that illusion which can only be maintained while the target group has no access to alternative information. The essential step is to break the control of the information flow.

The truth embargo is slowly being lifted and the mainstream media has recently started to share disclosure information from the U.S. government about financing their secret programs regarding extraterrestrial investigations. That means that detailed information leaked out by whistleblowers regarding these investigations has now been reinforced and reconfirmed.






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