Modern society has appointed and accepted science as the arbiter of the truth. Prophecy does not exist according to science, as it does not abide by the laws of physics. There is no place for prophecies and many other mysteries, as they don’t fit the narrow band of reality approved by science. The only course of action left is to reject the possibility that these events could exist and to debunk prophets and their predictions as myths and fables. 

While science is like a hammer and cannot go beyond its self-imposed limitations it is the only tool we are sanctioned to use to understand reality. With its arrogance, the science community rejects anything that does not fit its paradigm. As a consequence science is not pushing the boundaries of human knowledge but instead it is holding humanity back. In the same way that the medieval church was blocking progress, science is now disqualifying anything that does not fit its rules. Debunkers are the eager zealots destroying people and their careers who have the audacity to go where no one has gone before, beyond the scientific principles.


Science is the hammer
                                                                                             Science is the hammer


The similarities in approach between the medieval church and the contemporary scientific community are stunning. The Medieval church was by no means an expert on scientific principles. However, it was not needed to be the self-appointed judge on everything. In those days there was no use trying to convince the church of the validity of sound scientific theories. It did not matter whether a theory would make sense within the laws of nature since that was not a requirement for validating the truth. The church automatically disapproved any ideas that were not in alignment with the church doctrine. It was never about finding the truth but about maintaining power and the status quo. The same type of people that populated the church tribunals in the medieval era is now occupying the science community. They just changed one set of dogmatic beliefs for another.


900x675 Science hourglass 2
                                                                                                    Between religion and science


Bottom line is you cannot expect the scientific community to drive the search for answers for many of the unresolved mysteries. Especially mysteries related to humanity, including Near-Death Experiences, Out of Body Experiences, past live regression, remote viewing, telepathy, automatic writing and many more events, which science actively discredits. Science is obsessed with the physical world and with physical proof. Whatever cannot be consistently measured does not exist.

The main core limitation of science is its preoccupation with a physical human-centric approach. This approach is similar to the medieval idea maintained by the church that the earth is the center of the universe and everything that exists. What cannot be measured and brought back to be evaluated by our senses is refused as non-existing.


Science is not fully inclusive
                                                                                     Science is not fully inclusive


When science cannot provide tangible proof it rejects the existence of the events and science ceases to be of use to extend the human knowledge on that issue. Instead, it becomes an obstacle and we will need to find new ways that can help us further. It’s clear that just offering new theories will not sway any opinions, as that is not addressing the core problem. The core problem needs to be found in the foundation of the scientific community and it is this base that needs to be revised. The scientific community is not altruistic, free of spirit and open-minded, aimed at growing human awareness and knowledge. Instead, the scientific community is a tightly controlled money making industry. It is controlled by finance and by its member’s reputation. It is part of a political manipulation game with the advancement of human knowledge its victim.

There is still hope that science will redeem itself as new scientific theories have opened new opportunities for accepting a more inclusive reality. Those new theories include “the holographic universe” and may help to provide explanations for events, which have been with us through the ages. A first essential step of this renewed journey is to start listening to the people that have had these special experiences. It is clear that there are recurring common patterns between experiences of unrelated people. We need to build new models and ideas on the patterns that tie together these experiences. In recent years a lot of great work has been done to bring together reports of Out of Body Experiences (OBE´s) and Near Death Experiences (NDE´s). An example is the achievements of the NDERF organization that publishes 4000 NDE stories on their website. 

Prophets receive information from sources that are not from our physical world. The connecting factor between prophets receiving prophecies, remote viewing, and automatic writing is the ability of these people to quiet their mind. They are capable to write and record during these moments while their mind is in neutral and not interfering. They have learned to put to work the non-physical component of our existence, which results in receiving information that is beyond any scientific explanation. NDEs, OBEs, remote viewing, and prophecies are all pointing in the same direction and have the same pattern in common. We may not yet understand the mechanics and organization of this non-physical component but people start to realize that it indeed exists and has recognizable patterns and rules governing it. 

Another part of the complication for understanding this non-physical element of our existence is that it is intelligent and we did not create it. We are at the receiving end and we have difficulties understanding what is making it work from the other side. However, with the development of new advanced technologies, the understanding of who we really are will also improve as the concepts applied to our futuristic technology can also be applied to our own existence.


Paranormal and the IoT
                                                                                      Paranormal and the Internet of things ( IoT)


In this context, it is interesting to point out the Internet of things (IoT). The idea here is that anything that can take an electronic circuit will be connected together. People will become carriers of such integrated circuits and will be part of a world-spanning network of distributed entities. This will provide the ability to remotely share, retrieve, upload and control information. It would give people access to advanced knowledge and allow for information of events before these events actually happen (prophecy?). The Internet of things is a step on our way to becoming post-human in which humans and intelligent technology are becoming increasingly intertwined.


Posthumanism includes the creation of the technology to provide humanity with the remote connectivity that we currently refuse to accept that each human already naturally possesses. The further we get in developing a Posthumanism society, with its intelligent cities and vast integrated networks, the clearer it will become to see that we have been part of such a communication network all along but without our conscious knowledge.





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