“The Antichrist” is a powerful ancient concept that can be found back in the writings of the main religions.

It is a single person who will deceive humanity and unleash terrible suffering before the second coming of Jesus.

In the work of Nostradamus, there are three antichrists who cause disasters and suffering for humanity.

The general consensus is that we have already seen the first two antichrists, which were Napoleon and Hitler. The third antichrist will be revealed during the era of "trials and tribulations".

The third antichrist will be responsible for the events that lead to a collapse of human societies. However, he is not necessarily responsible for getting humanity into that situation. The causes for the collapse need to be found in the design and structure of our societies, which are weak and easily hijacked. We have been led away from sound basic human principles and instead we embrace instant gratification, short-term beneficial but long-term catastrophic concepts. It does not need a Nostradamus to understand where this will lead us.


It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

- Jiddu Krishnamurti


Society with its government, police, military, and institutions can be thought of as a monster, a necessary evil created to protect and serve the nation. The people need to continuously feed this monster. First through sharing their earnings received through expansion and growth but when resources are getting scares the monster turns around and starts feeding on the people who must then make sacrifices to keep it alive. This monster represents the false society we live in, which is based on fraud and weak ideas that includes the fractional reserve banking system that is in private hands, fiat money, debt-based economies, revolving doors between corporations and governments, and a mutant predatory capitalistic system that needs perpetual growth while we live on a planet with limited resources.

We are all slaves to the debt-based financial system that forces people to oppose each other for survival. To make a basic living we are forced to be in competition with everybody else. It is not a surprise that in business it is common to lie as interest goes before principles. If business interest would be hurt by telling the truth, then lying is used to save the day. Marketing is legalized lying and is part of the standard practices of all companies. The media, corporations, and politics are known to continuously deceive the people while we are made to believe that perpetual growth is necessary for our survival. It is clear that in the long term this is not a sustainable model and our societies will eventually collapse. The antichrist will be the catalyst and leader in power during this period of strive. Deceit and lies will reach an all-time high during that period.



Exponential population growth
                                                                                        Exponential population growth


It only takes a second to realize the danger we are in. The population growth over the last 100 years is close to exponential. This growth is made possible through debt-based financing, paying for the growth and sustaining the population with money that does not exist and will never exist. It is a make-believe fraudulent pyramid scheme that when the music stops will cause a population collapse as steep as the current growth.

The second Antichrist - Hitler
The second Antichrist - Hitler

In the time of Nostradamus, the focus was on Europe. The first two Antichrists were Europeans and the consequences of the events they triggered caused an immense human suffering in Europe and in the world at large. The reign of the last antichrist will affect the whole of humanity. It is not difficult to see how this can happen. The world is dependent on critical interconnected systems that are not controlled by the people that depend on them. The whole world is financed by a fraudulent system in hands of a few private banking families while financing is no more than a confidence game, based on a debt-based fractional reserve bank fiat currency. It means that the world is  kept together by having blind confidence in a few "too big to fail" banks. The complete international financial system can be rolled up and made to collapse by a few key players who can just pull the plug on humanity. The consequence of a dollar collapse would be an endemic contagious collapse of human society, which would trigger endless human suffering.


The danger of only focussing on growth
                                                                                    The danger of focussing on growth only



The antichrist is the individual that is in charge when the dominos start to fall and the world starts to destabilize. This will then result in war, large-scale destruction, and suffering.

The antichrist is only the personification of the group of people that are responsible for contriving, organizing and financing the events that will lead-up to the collapse and the events that follow.

What type of person do we have to visualize, when we are talking about the 3rd antichrist? What is the nature of such a person? One country can see someone as a great leader while another country might see that same person as a tyrant or as a terrorist. Whether people do good or bad depends on the point of view of others who judge these leaders on their actions.

The first two antichrists were no common criminals but were both charismatic leaders of great nations. They had millions of followers who were prepared to give their lives for the ideals these people stood for. At the beginning of their careers, they were ambitious and in no way different than many other charismatic leaders of history and current times. It is not only their personality that determined the impact on history but also the position they were in. It is the impact on humanity and the tragic chain of events that has been set off by these people that earned them the label antichrist.

To understand the tremendous impact of the antichrists we need to recognize the importance of the circumstances that were essential in triggering the series of unstoppable events they put in motion.   The political and economic circumstances needed firm and resolute actions. These leaders brought hope and strength to a desperate population that was depressed and frustrated. The antichrists were able to motivate and inspire a large number of followers during difficult times. Both Hitler and Napoleon were leaders of the most powerful nations of their times. They had the will and the means to achieve their goals no matter the cost and the consequences. They were able to sell their ideas to their followers and convince nations to participate in their plans. It was the objection by other nations, who were against their methods of recovering their grandeur, which finally set off the slaughter of mankind. The cost and the consequences were large-scale suffering for Europe and the world in general.



Solitary and gregarious phases of locust

In the solitary phase, these grasshoppers are innocuous, their numbers are low, and they do not pose a major economic threat to agriculture. However, under suitable conditions of drought followed by rapid vegetation growth, serotonin in their brains triggers a dramatic set of changes: they start to breed abundantly, becoming gregarious and nomadic (loosely described as migratory) when their populations become dense enough. They form bands of wingless nymphs, which later become swarms of winged adults. Both the bands and the swarms move around and rapidly strip fields and cause damage to crops. The adults are powerful fliers; they can travel great distances, consuming most of the green vegetation wherever the swarm settles.

- Wikipedia


In some ways, people behave similarly to locust. Hunger, frustration, and desperation change their behavior and turn them into gregarious bands looking towards a strong leader for their salvation. While the antichrist might be the right man at the right time it is the circumstances that cause the series of events that will lead to the era of "trials and tribulations". It is the collapse of the systems we depend on that enables the antichrist to force his reign on the people. These collapsible systems have been put in place, quietly and patiently, by an international group of moneychangers and facilitators as part of their plan to achieve world dominance.

The third antichrist will be the leader of one of the most powerful nations on earth during a time that the world is in great despair. It will be a man with the will, drive, and means to turn fate around no matter the consequences. In the first stages, this great leader will boost the confidence of the people and make them believe that they deserve more and better. Under his leadership, his own country will recover its grandeur and start to expand ones again. His ultimate goal, however, is to establish a world hegemony introducing a new world order for the people he is working for.



The reign of the third antichrist
                                                                                 Characteristics of the reign of the Antichrist



The first stages of the tribulation are recognizable by the increase of deceit and lies. In these first stages, external enemies and threats will distract the population while new oppressive systems, laws, and agreements will be introduced for control. The focus will be on a strong military and on extending control over the nation and the people, their thoughts and their actions. Over time this will turn into a totalitarian regime justified by imaginary threats and imminent dangers. The antichrist and his close followers have the uncanny ability to manipulate and convince people of the righteousness of their actions and their methods. Under other circumstances, these methods would be unacceptable, wrong or illegal.

In order to expand his power, established international agreements will get canceled or changed. Rules that once applied to all nations and all people will not be allowed to apply to him or his nation. The antichrist will follow a strategy of expansion: nations will be manipulated, countries invaded and control of natural resources reallocated in order to improve the quality of life for his own people and to ensure safety and future development. The consequences of the growth and success of this one nation will negatively affect other countries.

Initially, the politics followed will cause international unrest, discussion, frustration, doubts, unbelief etcetera but no actions.

Since the third antichrist is likely to be the leader of the technically and economically most advanced nation of its time he will have access to advanced powerful sciences, technology, and weapons. This dominating position will further facilitate manipulating other countries to join or to commend his actions. The stronger and more influential the nation of the antichrist, the longer it will take for other countries to take defensive measurements. When countries finally stand up and join together against this power it will be the beginning of large-scale destruction and the era of "trials and tribulations" will begin.




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